Girls Night Out



Song inspired by an EPIC night out I had with my girlfriends, who, incidentally, sing on this track with me! (J'Nae and Michele Moreno).  Written with all of my girlfriends in mind, since I LOVE me my chick-bonding !!


I can’t wait for this Friday Night
All my girls are comin out
And we’re gonna be a freaky sight
Gonna dress up to the Nines
Every one of you Pop stars is gonna wanna step aside
Let me share our attitude: It’s all about the bond
We’re not trying to pick up dudes
You can smile but best to back off
We’ll laugh so hard it aches and analyze our crazy lives
There’s no better way to spend an evening of my life

I got my ladies, ladies ladies! (Girls Night Out)

Raise a glass to my sister friends
Feel ferklempt in the moment
Filled with thanks and Cosmopolitans
Then we’ll break out into a song
4 -part harmony melts away whatever could be wrong
Let me share out attitude: It’s all about the bond
We’re not trying to exclude
You can join us on our world tour
Dancing in the streets
And showing off for all to see
I’m so cool because these divas are a part of me

 (repeat chorus)

Beautiful. Wonderful. Hysterical.
You are, you are…

So I’m waiting in a line in the Ladies Room
Look around at all the girls so fine
Some would choose to be aloof
But it’s so much more fun
To strike up conversation
Let me share a piece of gum
Or compliment your dress (Girl, you look good!)
I’ll give you self-love advice
A therapeutic mini love-fest
Strut your stuff girlfriend
Enjoy the rest of your night out
I just hope you’ve got what I’ve got on this Friday night…