Make Me Do Right



Song about wanting to be a better human in the world.



It’s another one of those days
Where I am feeling all nasty and crazed
I gotta monkey strapped onto my back
He’s feeding on the negative crap
I just cut that SUV off
I’m all uptight cuz I’m in a rush
Evil eyes at human delay
Heavy sighin’ in public places

Chorus: Ooh make me do right

Why’m I always feeling this way
Like every move I make is a mistake
I don’t want to want what I don’t have
Don’t wanna stay familiar with sad
I wanna be the light in your eyes
I wanna be the pleasant surprise
I wanna give me seat up on a bus
I wanna be the one you can trust

Chorus: Ooh make me do right

Jealousy, release me
Self-pity, release me
Apathy, release me
Lethargy, release me

I’m gonna put my past up on a shelf
Gonna be at peace with myself
Gonna be the Queen of Letting Go
Gonna know what I already know