Step 9



One of those admittedly bitter songs you write about an ex. Otherwise known as the "Asshole" song.


There’s no reason you should be on my mind
So insignificant, a waste of time
Thought I’d done all my crying
But I just heard you’re seeing somebody new
And now I must admit this pacifist is feeling violent
Aren’t you still a chauvinist
Totally selfish and high maintenance
Shouldn’t you have gone to see a therapist
So you wouldn’t submit someone else to this

When you reach step nine will you make amends
Will my phone ring with you on the other end
Will I hear the words you should have said to me long ago?
“I’m sorry I’m an asshole”
(You sure were an asshole)

So I hear your new love lives out of town
You’re on your best behavior once a month
You can muster the charm
Does she know the sight that most turns you on
Her washing dishes at your kitchen sink
To think your tongue was in cheek
You made a first impression
I thought you were enlightened, thought you sensitive
But you work the steps in utter arrogance
Can’t believe I suffered this embarrassment