This Wall



A song about the walls we build up to protect ourselves when the one we are in relationship with takes for granted the open-heartedness we feel at first.


Will I
ever catch you staring at me
when I’m not looking?
And will I
ever hear you
compliment me
without asking?
Cuz I’m holding out for signs
Of love in full play
And we haven’t got much time
Cuz the wall is well underway
You say it’s because you
wait a while to
let someone in
Whereas I
welcome them in
instantaneously trusting
And I’m doing what I can
to reach you today
But with every withheld hand
This wall is well underway

Maybe we’ll meet in the middle
At the closest we can be
But it will never be the closeness that I crave
When your opening meets my closing
It will be too late

You say
you’re more tender
in my presence
than with the others
How did they
ever stand it
you know I
really have to wonder
And I’m holding out for signs
of love in full play
But we
haven’t got much time
‘Cuz my wall is well underway

(repeat bridge)

So I do not linger
quite as long now
when we’re kissing
Nor do I
lift a finger
can you feel how much you’re missing?
‘Cuz I waited for the signs
of love on its way
But you took your precious time
And now this wall is near completion