Go On Girl



An anthem for girls and women everywhere. One of the first songs I ever wrote, inspired by three of my best girlfriends. The message: Go on girl, chase your dreams, claim what is rightfully yours, because nothing can stop you


I'm sitting with a little woman, age thirteen
We're chatting over greasy fries and diet drinks
She's telling me her dreams
And life's misdeeds (And I say)

Go on girl get it on
You got to get it on girl
Get it on
'Cuz nothin's ever gonna stop you
Nothin's ever gonna stop you

Now I see no matter what our age we feel life's pain
Child is telling me she can't go on
She's gone insane
And I know just how she feels
I know it's real (But I say)

Repeat Chorus

How can I show you all of your worth?
Sister, you've gotta see
All that you mean to me
I'm telling you
There'll be a light
'Cuz nothing lasts forever
Nothing but change
You will find an answer someday

Don't you know it's 'bout the time in our lives
to get it on?
No more feeling like we've got no right
To claim what's ours!
It's time for us to keep on climbing
Higher and higher (And we'll sing )

Repeat Chorus