For You



I had made a new, very close friend just before I moved to New York for several months. While I was away, the unspeakable happened to her. I was unable to reach her for days and I was extremely worried about her. I also felt guilty in a way—like if I had been around, this would not have happened to her. I just loved her so much, but there was nothing I could do from where I was, except keep trying to reach her. In between the messages I left, this song came to me through the tears.


Fire ruby brightest gem
Soulful sister, sweet friend
Separated at birth
Our reunion god sent
It wasn't easy to leave you
When our fun had just begun
Believe me
(And) I'm missing you all right
I am hoping that you're well
Gotta message last night
You've got something to tell
You know I never would have left you
Had I known what was to be
Forgive me

I will call you every hour
I will fly ten thousand miles
I will wield a gun if I have to
All for you
I will do what you need me to

Where the hell were all the angels
Gone for over seven hours?
This is not supposed to happen
How the randomness devours
If the angel God had sent you
Was supposed to be me
Forgive me

Repeat Chorus

Don't disappear
Don't lose your bliss
Don't hide your tears
Don't shrink from this
Don't disappear
Don't lose your bliss
Don't hide your tears…

I am aching for you
I am hating for you
I am crying for you
I am plotting for you
I am hoping for you
I am praying for you…