I'll Never Give Up on You



This song is a declaration of unconditional love to a friend who is struggling with her demons.


I see your face as a child
In a photograph
Such beauty such wisdom, so much pride
Too much experience
Now you cannot look into a mirror
Without the hurt and shame
Through eyes that can’t see that you are not to blame
No you’re not to blame (and)

I’ll never give up on you, no no no
I won’t forget the day you bore me your soul, no
You may be losing all your faith in yourself but
I’ll Never give up on you No no no no no

38 steps you move ahead
Only to find yourself
having fallin’ back 37 steps
I know it’s maddening
But what you don’t notice as you stand
To try to walk again
Are those who can’t even see the path
But you can see the path (and)

Repeat chorus 

So many things come to my mind
When I think of you
Like laughing so hard my belly aches
Until I plead with you
Yes, you are a fiery ball of life
So very powerful
And passionate caring and alive
Yes you are so alive (and) Repeat Chorus