Not Gonna Make Believe



A friend of mine was hopelessly in love with one of those men who are always off choosing some spectacular adventure over a committed relationship. Yet he’d always come back to her and make her feel like when he’s ready, she’ll be “the one.” But he’d broken so many promises, she was less easily filled with hope every time he came back. I got the idea for this song when this friend told me that this guy wanted one more chance with her. She told me, “I’ll hear what he has to say, but I’m not sitting on a plane or spending a dime or anything for it.” I began to list all the things we as women do to prepare for a hot date—all the things my friend was no longer willing to do for this guy who had broken her heart one too many times.


You must be back cuz there's the smell
Of indecision in the air
I wonder what it is you think that you can say to me
when I finally ceased to even care
You're so sorry for the millionth time
And will I please just give an hour of my time
For you to state your case that you have changed
Well I don't buy it

Not gonna walk a block for this
Not gonna set my clock for this
Not gonna brush my teeth for this
Not gonna chew Dentine for this
Not gonna shave my legs for this
Not going to Jenny Craig for this
Not gonna change my sheets for this
Not gonna make believe for this

I must be sick cuz I can feel
My concentration slip away
(my gorgeous revelation slippin’ away)
The drops of hope I've always made Into an ocean feel like
Beads of sweat upon my face

Repeat Chorus

Not gonna wear a thong for this
Not gonna write a song for this...