Not OK

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As modern, enlightened people, we’d like to think that we could forgive someone for letting us down--for example, a lover who cheats on us. This song is about a woman who had tried to take her lover’s infidelity in stride, but ultimately decides that she is, on second thought, “not ok” with what he has done to shatter her faith--and their fate.


I was working overtime
there was a ton on my mind back then
You were feeling insecure
my willpower made you fear you’re needs
But that was not something you would concede
And it seemed as if you disappeared (but I)

I tried to take it in stride
And I thought that I was OK with it
Yeah I thought that I was ok with it
Oh I thought that I was ok with this…
But I’m not

She was freer to be free, well-equipped to fulfill all your needs
You were relieved you told the truth
you believed we’d grow much closer now
And I wanted to believe it somehow
And you said you’d make it up to me (so I)

Repeat Chorus

I’d like to say I forgive you
I’d like to say that we’ll be all right
I’d like to say I still love you
But it’s not gonna be tonight 

I’ve got nothing left to say
why don’t you just go away from here?
What’s the point you’re trying to make?
You were the one careless with our fate
And I don’t see it changing again
So forgive me if I changed my mind (but I)

Repeat Chorus