You'll Never Know



A young woman is in love with her best friend, but is too shy to tell him before it's too late and he's found another.


Hey what's up,
I missed you while you were gone, tell me
Your work was done
you had some fun
met someone
well that's nice
Well what's her name
and is she cool, is she bright, is she?
I'm feeling kinda low,
can we spend some time, can we?

It's times like these I wish I smoked
I'd sit out on your porch and puff the tears away
I'm trying not to wake you
with my whimpering, my friend
Many, many thanks
I know you tried to ease my mind
Like every other time
But really what's the use?
When the truth I can't reveal is
I'm in love with you

But you'll never ever know
No you'll never ever know
Cuz I cannot let it show
Just how deep you touch my soul

Hey what's up
I thought we had plans tonight, tell me
She's back in town,
surprised you with theatre seats,
well that's sweet
Oh that's OK, I understand
go to her carefree
I gotta go,
yeah sure I'm fine
all the time, really!

Oh my God what's wrong with me?
Too shy to show desire,
too fearful of the risk
I might have leaned in closer
to your crooked little smile
And placed a gentle kiss
And if I could have held on tight
To some kind of belief that I was wonderous
You might have finally seen
what I have always seen in us

Repeat Chorus

Hey what's up,
you've got some exciting news, tell me
You bought a ring,
got on your knees, shivering,
well, that's sweet
The date is set,
the both of you, are just so happy
And will I stand, as your best man?