What's Happening Here?

written by L. Andreone, D. Navarro, J. Green,


A contemporary nod to Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin On?" as heard on Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now!" Written during the Bush administration.


Teacher, Teacher did you not behave
Did you teach the children war is not ok?
Why you packing up your stuff?
Did they ship you out to shut you up?
What’s Happening Here?

Soldier, Soldier did you lose a limb?
To fight a war based on a rich man's whim?
Where are all your benefits?
Did they fund the tax cuts for the rich?
What’s happening here?

Don’t you know you gotta Rise Up
Seek the truth
Shout out loud
What’s happening here?
What’s happening here
Don’t you know you gotta shine a light on what you know is right
Right here right now
And say it clear... What’s happening here? What’s happening here?

Halliburton why you always there?
Reaping profits where there's nothing but despair
From the Middle East to New Orleans
Tell me, is there no end to your greed?
What’s happening here?

So tell me why aren't we out in the streets?
Demanding our commander be impeached?
For the sinisterness in his plans
The blood of thousands on his hands
What’s happening here?


Devastation Desperation
Allegations DIS-information
Manipulation Intimidation
Interrogations Incarcerations
Indignation will be our saving grace...