1. Chase The Rain

From the recording Chase The Rain

A song about going for your dreams, dancing to your own beat, going against the grain, being your unique, complex self.


How r u gonna winWhen you’re not good enoughWhen you’re not smart enoughTell me tell meWho are you gonna foolWhen you’re not light enoughWhen you’re not dark enoughTell me tell meWhy are u tryin thisWhen you’re not old enufWhen you’re not young enoughTell me tell meWhat r u gonna doWhen you’re not this enufWhen you’re not that enufTell me tell meNegativity don’t phase meI gotta be strongSelf- doubting only makes meWanna prove me wrongI could chase the rainUntil I hold it in my handI could sift for diamonds Under  moonlight in the sandI could make a certainty into a game of chanceI could chase the rain But would you ever understand?How are you gonna winWhen you sit back & waitOr underestimateTell me Tell meWho are you gonna foolTakin the easy routeThe path of quiet doubtTell me tell meWhy are you tryin thisYou keep on asking meCan you defer your dreamTell me tell meWhat are you gonna doWhen all the years are goneAnd you’ve found out you’re wrongTell me Tell meI got myself the golden ticketFound the goose with the golden eggBreakin through to the other sidePlaying unafraid