Here you will find information about Jamie's two main projects:

Smelly Cat 
90's Band  

Jamie's Original Music 
funky- folky storytelling with a groove
L.A. Music Award- Winning albums and songs 

Press Quotes on Jamie's Award-Winning Albums: 

  •  “her collection of songs comes together like an issue of Best American Short Stories” 
  • "packed with powerful writing, vocals, musicianship" 
  • "riveting, incisive lyrics" 
  • "on-the-edge confessionalism" 
  • "an exercise in inventive artistry"

Press Quotes on Jamie's Live Performance: 

  • "often prowling the stage, she is a striking figure" 
  • “even the folks lingering in the back of the room couldn't help but get sucked into her rapture" 
  • "a smooth, entertaining combination of beauty and strength" 
  • “Green’s biggest asset is her powerful voice which falls somewhere between the styles of Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple”