1. Sisyphus

From the recording Sisyphus

Sisyphus is that character from Greek Mythology who was sentenced to roll a rock up a steep hill, only to see it roll back down again, for eternity. But what is not well known about this fairly familiar character, is that he was the King of Corinth, a righteous leader who merely asked Zeus for a body of water from which his people could drink. Sisyphus was able to maneuver this without Zeus' consent, but was ultimately sentenced to the most futile of tasks for eternity. This song was inspired by Albert Camus' essay, "The Myth of Sisyphus," in which Camus likens Sisyphus to a modern-day existentialist hero. This song is about sell-outs and heroes. Ultimately, it honors all of those who fight against all odds, against a corrupt system, to make the world a better place. Specifically, I pay tribute to Judi Bari, an environmental and union activist who was paralyzed by a bomb planted in her car by the FBI, and who didn't quit organizing, despite her disability.


Saw a film 'bout a boy last night Who had the healing hands of God 'Til he gave that all up one day To spend his life with a buxom blonde I guess the filmmaker got real I guess he made an anti-hero 'Cuz what real man would turn her down In her brand new red convertible? Sisyphus are you there still? Rolling your rock up and down that damn hill Sisyphus what do you do When the task seems lonesome and totally futile? Know of a social activist Protested wars and corporate bullshit Til he grew up and strolled Wall Street Now he scoffs at his youthful ideals I guess he couldn't stop the war I guess he couldn't combat the greed I guess he thought if you can't beat 'em You might as well join up with them Repeat Chorus
I'm not saying it's an easy task To save the world let alone one's own ass All I'm wondering is what's up with me Once was brave, but then I got lazy I guess my arms and back got sore I guess I saw no end to the doomI guess I thought I'd join the ranks of The happy takers of what's still left The happy takers of what's still left Knew a tree-hugger named Judi B She lost her legs to an FBI bomb But she continued to use her arms And a brilliant mind for a righteous causeI guess she had more strength than most I guess she knew what had to be done I wonder if I'd helped her out There'd still be trees where there are none Sisyphus are you there still? Rolling your rock up And down that damn hill You must be the bravest one Fearless hope in the face Of practically none