1. We're Alone

From the recording We're Alone

A brave and playful proposition for potential lovers who come to the table with walk-in closets of emotional baggage.  It takes courage not to walk away from love, and strength and self-awareness to open yourself up to relationship when you know neither of you have your shit together yet.


I'm sorry to hear that The woman before me Was some kinda psycho That's not my problemo I too had a lover Who left me with luggage But I'm trying to travel A little bit lighterSo would you just please pretend That I'm not your mother or your ex-girlfriend? We're alone in this world We mourn every day longing for love Yet we still run away We're alone in this worldlet's not be afraid Here, come take my hand Let's try to be brave I'm fully aware that I'm pushing your buttons But I swear that I do this With nothing but lovin Feel free to debate meBut I know what you're thinking We're made for each other One way or anotherSo could we just please relax ? Forget all the obstacles in our path! Repeat Chorus I'm tired of waiting Anticipating What it would be like The first time we get naked Here's the bottom line, love I'm wanting you real bad Forget your neuroses Come sit on my lap Cuz if you were to relent I might take a chance againand surrenderBut more likely than not, my friend We'll go home once more, Alone and frustrated Repeat Chorus