1. Daddy's Grace

From the recording Daddy's Grace

In the context of an estranged couple, the themes intersecting in this song are self-esteem and parenting, morality and a woman’s right to choose.


Somehow you pick up a phone to tell me this That your girlfriend, she’s with child Well this seems a tragedy to me But you say so imperiously“You know I’ve always wanted a child” Well how strange for you to say, A boy, who’s merely 28 But I know what you meant to say I should have had our mistake And you judge me for the choice I made How dare you play the saint That is not a halo Above your precious head You think this will save you God I hope it can The moral weight is heavy Either choice you make Prayers to the young one growing Daddy’s in need of grace You think I’m sad, because you really love her I think the truth is that I’m mad Because I know that you really don’t You see, I know you’re neighbors, They tell me this: You yell at her like you yelled at me Gee, that’s something I don’t miss And I wonder how you will love them When you barely love yourself How many times did I have to hear you say, You bought a blade to end the day? Repeat Chorus Two years later and you say it’s all over You come to me to see yourself better Well I can’t hold this anger forever And I see you doing the best you can That is not a halo Above your precious head But this may be what saves you Letting more light in The life you hold is precious Forcing you to change Prayers to the young one growing Daddy’s achieving grace