1. Step 9

From the recording Step 9

One of those admittedly bitter songs you write about an ex. Otherwise known as the "Asshole" song.


There’s no reason you should be on my mindSo insignificant, a waste of timeThought I’d done all my cryingBut I just heard you’re seeing somebody newAnd now I must admit this pacifist is feeling violentAren’t you still a chauvinistTotally selfish and high maintenanceShouldn’t you have gone to see a therapistSo you wouldn’t submit someone else to this
When you reach step nine will you make amendsWill my phone ring with you on the other endWill I hear the words you should have said to me long ago?“I’m sorry I’m an asshole”(You sure were an asshole)
So I hear your new love lives out of townYou’re on your best behavior once a monthYou can muster the charmDoes she know the sight that most turns you onHer washing dishes at your kitchen sinkTo think your tongue was in cheekYou made a first impressionI thought you were enlightened, thought you sensitiveBut you work the steps in utter arroganceCan’t believe I suffered this embarrassment