1. Carmen

From the recording Carmen

An ode to a troubled teen. I had been her homeroom teacher when she was in seventh grade. She became a little sister to me, and then a dear friend.


Her mama's finally free from a man who never loved her Her mama's just forgotten how to be a mother It's mamas turn to live her life having wasted over fourteen years But how do you explain this toA child who has as many fears? Carmen calls me up or sends poems in the mailShe tells me how it's goinshe tells me why she'ss scared She says she's been a naughty girl, She's smoking every single day She says she wants to be someone, but she's throwing her life away And who will be there for her? Who will take care of her? (Cuz) Carmen broke the rules today Carmen meant no harm she said Carmen needs someone to say Carmen it'll be O.K.Carmen sees a boy who stops by after school He leaves before her mom gets home she's breakin every rule She claims that she's a teenager, so obliged to her fellow peers To attempt what is not allowed, There's defiance in her every tear Repeat Chorus
Nothing's real, Nothing works Hating's hard, Loving's worse Rules stink, Laws are lameWho's to blame,  Life is strange Go ahead, I don't care Size me up, Nothing's fair Decimate Isolate Contemplate me What's it mean, Where's it from? Shut your mouth, I'm not done Life is hard, I'm in flux I feel shamed, Crying sucks I am angry and sad I am told that I'm bad Purify  Simplify  Justify me
Repeat  Chorus I'm in fear,  Hell is nearI'm not dumb, Prozak numbs Life is hard, I'm in flux Why this shame, Crying sucks Don't evade, Let's be frank I'm insane and deranged Elevate Celebrate Liberate me Elevate Celebrate Liberate me!