1. Oneness

From the recording Oneness

A song about racial unity, written with two talented inner city youths from Columbus Ohio, vocalist/rapper/producer, Apryl Dillard and the rapper known as "One International"


Sometimes the love is hard to find You can’t see rainbows in black and white When first impressions are based in hateAn open mind is D.O.A.
Give me your hand my brother Give me your hand my sister I am you You are me We are one
What’s it gonna take to say such words? Love is hard to fake and there are scars People choose their sides and then they make their judgments upon high And you say that’s that’s the way the world is That’s the way the world is But if that’s the way the world is I’m gonna choose the side of Oneness
I can’t tell you why I feel this way Can’t even say that I was brought up that way I just know it deep in my soul And I pray the day will come when we all will know 
Written by J. Green, Apryl Dillard, and the rap artist known as "One International"